Painting With Light is a complete video mapping tool that enables artists of any technical ability to paint with static and moving images through any video projector onto 3D physical objects.

It is an ongoing project for digital artist Alex May who uses it for his own installations and performances, and wants to democratise video mapping and put the medium in the hands of artists, not advertisers.

‘Painting With Light’ live video mapping and painting performance by Alex May at Tate Modern, London (April 2013)

What is Video Mapping?

Video projectors are designed to project a single video image onto a screen or wall but now, because we can generate the projected video graphics in real-time with even an entry-level computer (PC or Mac), we can show many video clips at the same time and position them onto all sorts of 3d physical objects.

The image above shows an example live performance that was made using a single video projector, cardboard boxes, and Painting With Light.

This technique (also called Projection Mapping) has been adopted by digital artists around the world.  Painting With Light is an easy to use video mapping tool that lets anyone explore this exciting digital medium.

Do I need a video projector to use PWL?

No, although Painting With Light is designed to be used for video mapping with a video projector, on its own it is still a unique video painting software with which you can create images and videos that can be shared on-line and beyond.

Download Now

Click here to download it now for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX.

You won’t need a powerful computer or a video projector to try it out and you can draw with your mouse or laptop track pad.