Software License

Painting With Light - Copyright 2012-2013 Alex May


By default PaintingWithLight is available to you (the end user) to install on as many computers as you like for free (gratis) as long as:

1. You are using it for the purposes of creating and/or performing art, in which case you are encouraged to make as much money with it as you can.

2. You are using it for any other activities (including commercial advertising and marketing) as long as you are not compensated above any personal costs incurred by performing the activity.


If you wish to use PaintingWithLight for a commercial advertising and/or marketing project and you are making a profit for yourself or a company, you REALLY SHOULD purchase a commercial license from the web site.

If you really can't afford to share even a little of the profit you make from using PaintingWithLight then please keep it all - your financial situation is obviously a lot worse than mine (which is impressive since I'm a full time freelance artist).

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