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Painting With Light: Year One

A little over one year ago the first version of Painting With Light was launched at the Brighton Digital Festival in September 2012.  Since then:

  • The software has been downloaded over 1,600 times:
    • Windows: 1,139
    • OSX: 393
    • Linux: 83
  • The web site received over 6,000 unique visitors
  • Workshops have been run in:
    • Caracas, Venezuela
    • Montreal, Canada
    • Brighton, England
  • Alex May has created art installations and performances at:
    • Tate Modern, London
    • Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas
    • Clearleft, Brighton
    • Phoenix, Brighton
    • Blinc Digital Festival, Conwy, Wales
  • Alex has given talks at:
    • Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas
    • Phoenix, Brighton

Looking Back

On the positive side, the response to the software has been very exciting, with artists all around the world using it to experiment and develop video mapping projects and artworks, just as I hoped it would.

I’ve been delighted to hear again and again in the workshops how easy people find the software to work with, and how it enables them to think about what they want to do creatively rather than struggling with the technology.

I’ve also very much enjoyed using it for the installations and performances this past year and am looking forward to developing my artistic practise with it for years to come.

On the less positive side, I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I would’ve liked, especially writing documentation, making video tutorials, and adding new features.

As a full time freelance artist, the original plan was to make the software available free of charge and subsidise the cost of software development through talks and workshops, and that’s just not really happened to the scale I’d hoped it might, which required taking on other projects.

What’s Next?

I’m completely committed to developing the project further and feel there are a great many possibilities that the medium of video mapping has yet to offer.

I will continue to run workshops and give talks – contact me here.

I plan to keep the core software free for all platforms but I will introduce a new commercial version that will include more complex features.  It is hoped that sales of this version, alongside additional advanced workshops, will go some way to raising revenue to cover my time to develop new features, documentation, and video tutorials.

As well as creating this new, cleaner web site for the project, I will also keep the Facebook page and Twitter account updated, of which I’ve been somewhat remiss.

I’m also very much looking forward to seeing other artists’ work made using Painting With Light in year two.