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Exciting News

Painting With Light Mesh Preview
Painting With Light Mesh Preview

It’s been a little quiet around here of recent but there has been much activity going on behind the scenes and it is now time for a period of intense activity!

I am very delighted to announce that I have been awarded an Arts Council England grant to develop a new series of works, exhibitions, events, and workshops over the next 12 months all using Painting With Light.

I will post up details of what’s going on soon – including a call-out for an exhibition in December – so make sure you’re subscribed if you want to receive updates.

This also means that I now have time to implement some new features into the software and I’m working on those already.  These will include a far greater control over the mapping using Quads and Polygons, and a new Mesh tool for more complex surface shapes.

I’m also working towards having synchronised audio and video mapping support in Painting With Light.  I’ve got this working but it needs some work before it’s ready for you guys but it’s on its way…