Beta 585


Painting With Light – Beta 585

This beta release is only available for those of you who have brought a license in the shop.

To download, click on My Account, view your previous order, and download the latest version.

Currently available for Windows – OSX and Linux coming soon.

Shape Editing

The biggest new feature in this beta is the ability to (finally) edit shapes you have previously added.

Getting Started

Open the Shape Edit window from the Window menu

As you create shapes, you will see them being added to the Shape Edit window.

Click once on the shape name to edit its name, make it visible or not, delete it altogether, or change its rendering order.

Double-click on the shape name to make it editable.  You can adjust its shape, textures, colours, and all other attributes.

Other Features

When editing shapes, you can disable the drawing of the handles by choosing the “Show Edit Controls” button on the tool bar.

You can temporarily toggle the edit handles on and off by holding down the Alt key on your keyboard.

On the colour selection window, dragging the mouse over the alpha value updates in real-time.

The video playback code has been tweaked yet again so you might experience some glitching, but this is normal and depends on the type of video compression your videos use.


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