Beta 614

Mapping-Window-UpdateBeta 614 brings some new changes to both the Freeware and Commercial versions.

Download it here.

The way that mapping is applied has changed a bit, and you might find that loading paintings made with previous versions no longer look correct.  Let me know if that’s a problem…

The changes mean that things like rotation are applied to the centre of the texture, not the top left corner, which I think makes a lot more sense.

Additionally, it will no longer stretch textures that aren’t square as they rotate.

You will notice on the Mapping Window there are now more accurate control over most values, too.

If you click the little square with an arrow to the far right of each value, you can manually set the minimum and maximum, and whether to use just the slider, the text box, or both.

There are also two new controls called “X Shift” and “Y Shift” that work like “X Offset” and “Y Offset” but are not affected by rotation.

The Preview mode has also changed, and it currently shows only on the work area, and only if you have enabled “Render to Work Area” in the options.  I’ll be doing some more work on this in future updates.

To keep everyone updated on news and beta releases, I’ve added a new Latest News window in at start-up.

MIDI Control

For those of you who have purchased the commercial version you get the mapping changes, and the first release of the MIDI plugin, meaning you can start to control Painting With Light using a MIDI controller.

I’ve only enabled a few controls so far but there will be many more on the way.

There is also MIDI timing support so you can synchronise the video playback in Painting With Light to a MIDI sequencer.  I’ll be doing some documentation about this soon but for now, if it detects a MIDI Time Code, it will sync to it.

And finally, Video Output now sets the rendering speed of Painting With Light when it starts recording, so output video timing will be frame accurate.

That’s everything for now.  I’m off to Barcelona for a few days next week, meanwhile trying to write some funding applications so I have to try and stay away from coding for a week or two, at least.

Let me know if you run into any problems with this latest version, and I’ll try and address them when I can.

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