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This site is migrating!

This site is migrating!

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There have been some important releases since the last news post here so make sure to check them out!

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Version 1.4.890 – War On Bugs

War On Bugs

For the past couple of days I’ve been involved in a ‘shock and awe‘ campaign on the bugs that have been plaguing some users of Painting With Light.  A new version (1.4.890) is now available for Windows and OSX from

Do please report any further problems you encounter.  If you don’t tell me, I won’t know!

In addition, I’ve also been aware for a while that some of our international friends haven’t been able to purchase licences via PayPal.  Today I’ve added an additional credit/debit card payment service that will allow everyone to get a licence.

In order to support this new payment option, I’ve had to move the shop from this site to the domain.  Orders made before today on this site can still be accessed from the My Account link in the menu.

Version 1.4.865

Painting With Light Syphon

Hot on the heels of version 1.4.847 comes an updated version for both Windows and OSX.

Version 1.4.865:

  • Added Syphon input support
  • Changed how OSX version is packaged
  • Fixed “keep on top” bug
  • Fixed initial brushes and textures path
  • Set “render to work area” on by default
  • Fixed mouse zooming in OSX

Version 1.4.847

Streaming a Milkdrop music visualisation via Spout on Windows

Painting With Light version 1.4.847 is now available for Windows.

This release fixes bugs and brings several plugins up to date, most notably Spout support and the Video Input plugin.

The full list of changes are:

  • Fixed crashing with undo
  • Added helpful message when going into full-screen mode
  • Spout re-written with support for multiple streams
  • Fixed issues with video output alpha
  • Added H264 video, PNG and JPG sequence output options to video output plugin
  • Updated to Qt 5.5 and FFMPEG 2.7
  • Fixed memory leak in video playback
  • Added experimental support for anti-aliasing (see samples in rendering preferences)
  • Video Input re-written using new Qt QCamera classes
  • Added ‘keep on top’ feature to output window menu
  • Fixed window flags when coming out of full screen mode
  • Spout output is limited to 2 frames per second in demo version
  • Re-implemented command line support so double-clicking on .pwl files will now work again

Click Here to Download 

Version 1.3.816

PaintingWithLight.2015-04-29.18-23-52Painting With Light version 1.3.816 is now available for Windows and OSX which fixes some critical errors and adds a few improvements.

  • Fixed issue in exported MP4 videos that meant they couldn’t be loaded into QuickTime or After Effects (thanks Sandra)
  • Fixed occasional crash in polygon tool (thanks Andrew)
  • More accurate sizing of tool handles
    Quad, Bezier, and Mesh now handle case where user clicks but doesn’t drag shape
  • OSX version now has application icon

Download the latest version on the Download Page

Version 1.3.806 – Spout Send and Receive


Following on from the last release that included the ability to send the output of Painting With Light to other applications through a system called Spout, this latest version has  the ability to send and receive.

In the screenshot above, we’re using the box image from one of Spout’s demo applications as a texture in Painting With Light and then sending the final image back out to Spout’s demo receiver.

This functionality is only available on Windows (hence no OSX release today) but there is a comparable system called Syphon that will be included in Painting With Light’s next release.

There are also a few stability bug fixes thanks to people sending in bug reports – much appreciated!

Version 1.2.799 – Spout send support

Screenshot 2015-02-09 21.48.44

Version 1.2.799 is now available for Windows that includes Spout 2 support.

Spout is a WIndows based open-source technology for sharing the video output from one application to another.

Painting With Light now supports sending its output via Spout.  You don’t need to enable this, it will happen automatically.

A future version will enable receiving textures via Spout so you will be able to use Painting With Light’s video mapping tools with live output from other applications.

See the Spout website to see which applications are supported.

Version 1.2.797

Screenshot 2015-02-04 20.26.23

Painting With Light 1.2.797 is now available for download.

This release features the updated line drawing tools that support wide lines, more OSC controls for both real-time and sequenced set-ups, and various other fixes and tweaks.

There is also a new tutorial for using Duration to synchronise Painting With Light to an audio soundtrack.

We hope you enjoy this new version and please keep submitting ideas and reporting any bugs you might come across – it’s a great help!

New Bulk Licence Pricing

Due to popular demand, there are now more licence purchasing options in the shop.

When buying and managing multiple licenses, the shop would generate different licence keys for each that provides an unnecessary challenge when trying to keep track of them.

The new license options (10, 25, and 50 licenses) not only provide a single licence key with the specified number of activations on it, but also provide price discounts, which are always nice.

Do get in contact if you need specific numbers of licenses, or have other licensing needs – we’re always happy to help!


Line tool upgrade

Screenshot 2015-01-17 16.04.56

Am working on the first new Painting With Light feature for 2015, which is an upgrade to the line tools.  They have always been a bit limited due to their width being stuck at a just a single pixel.  This was due to the limitations of the underlying graphics driver but I’ve been planning to make their thickness controllable.

As you can see from the screenshot above, they are now working though there are some tweaks I’d like to see in future.

There will be a new release soon with this new feature in.

Screenshot 2015-01-17 16.06.53