Version 1.4.847

Streaming a Milkdrop music visualisation via Spout on Windows

Painting With Light version 1.4.847 is now available for Windows.

This release fixes bugs and brings several plugins up to date, most notably Spout support and the Video Input plugin.

The full list of changes are:

  • Fixed crashing with undo
  • Added helpful message when going into full-screen mode
  • Spout re-written with support for multiple streams
  • Fixed issues with video output alpha
  • Added H264 video, PNG and JPG sequence output options to video output plugin
  • Updated to Qt 5.5 and FFMPEG 2.7
  • Fixed memory leak in video playback
  • Added experimental support for anti-aliasing (see samples in rendering preferences)
  • Video Input re-written using new Qt QCamera classes
  • Added ‘keep on top’ feature to output window menu
  • Fixed window flags when coming out of full screen mode
  • Spout output is limited to 2 frames per second in demo version
  • Re-implemented command line support so double-clicking on .pwl files will now work again

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